Does Spidey have his villain for the up coming Spiderman Reboot?

Well Deadline would have us believe that Almost Famous star Phillip Seymour Hoffman is up to don some black tights… that’s right sony apparently want to bring back Venom,

“Early unconfirmed talk: they want to bring back Venom and they are looking at Philip Seymour Hoffman.” A bit old to play Eddie Brock/Venom right? Yeah that’s what I thought.

How about these love interests then? Well any of these lovely ladies I would like to see don some tights that’s for sure!

Up for the rols of both Gwen Stacy and Mary Jane Watson are supposedly the following actresses,

Emma Stone (Zombieland), Dianna Agron (Glee) and Georgina Haig (Wasted on the Young) as well as

Dominique McElligott (Moon) and Mia Wasikowska (Alice in Wonderland).
“Agron just tested last night, though there are questions of availability because she is such a major part of a hit TV show.”
Well that’s about all Deadline has to report. To be honest Emma Stone is a shoe in for a younger Mary Jane Watson. She is not only a beautiful redhead but has already proved herself to be able to work opposite a geeky and awkward teenager (see Zombieland)… and I could see her working well opposite Andrew Garfield’s Spiderman. As for Gwen Stacy… well one has to assume she will be Parker’s first love AND she will die in some kind of dramatic bridge neck snaping Goblin related incident… so aslong as she has pretty hair and a good scream I would say that is all that matters.
More info as it comes.

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