Face it tiger, it looks like Hollywood has just blown the jackpot.

That’s right as previously reported Emma Stone, star of Zombieland, Easy A and Superbad, has been cast in the 2012 reboot of Spider-man. However despite the fact that she has beautiful red hair, played characters that are both strong willed and vulnerable in the past… she hasn’t been cast as Mary Jane.

She has been cast as Gwen Stacy, Peter Parker’s first love.

Gwen Stacy is of course known for her short-lived relationship with Peter, her girl-next-door looks, bright blonde hair and who could forget the most important thing; her death at the hands of Spider-man. When his web fails to break her fall from a bridge during a battle with Green Goblin, it accidentally breaks her neck through whiplash.

Emma Stone would have been a perfect Mary Jane, she has the hair already and not to mention the looks of a model. She has a history of playing similar characters and she is a very bankable actress at the moment for Hollywood.

Has Hollywood just caused the Death of Gwen Stacy? Well we know she will die already through the course of the story (one would hope anyway), but have they just signed her death warrent to hopeful fans all around the world? Potentially, still – Emma Stone being in it makes me very happy.

Just a strange casting considering her Mary Janeness AND the other actresses who have auditioned for parts have bore a strong resemblance to Gwen… maybe this is a PR mess up?


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