Here at THE NEGATIVE ZONE we fucking love Duke Nukem. We also love Gearbox for not only making two awesome Brothers in Arms games, but for also salvaging the project and bringing both a playable demo to our hearts earlier this year and an actual on-the-right-track release date for 2011.

They also release a pretty fucking awesome game that goes by the name of Borderlands. Did you play it? You should have cause it bloody ruled! Despite being one of the funnest games released on the Xbox 360, it also happened to have to have some of the best DLC ever released.

It was super fun, original and brought whole new levels of awesome to the game and it’s world. If you didn’t play Borderlands then no need to cry, they are releasing a GAME OF THE YEAR addition in time for christmas, this is how you get access to the “DUKE NUKEM FOREVER FIRST ACCESS CLUB”.

Well what’s the “Duke Nukem Forever First Access Club” dude? Is what you are saying, well listen up – if you buy the Borderlands: GOTY edition this winter then apart from getting an amazing game, awesome DLC you also get “exclusive items, including early access to the playable [Duke Nukem] demo before it is publicly releasedĀ­.”

So no real time frame on release of DNF demo, only that it will be, “prior to the retail launch of the game,” currently scheduled for “calendar 2011.” Now this is big talk coming from a game that people still have 10 year old pre-order slips for…

Still I can not wait! Let’s rock!


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