After the New York Comic Con you would expect the publishers to take a little rest, sleep those con hangovers away and give us all a quiet week to recuperate right? You’d think that, but no they have decided to shower us with lovely comics instead! Load’s of great books this week by the looks of it… and hell, if you enjoyed the amount of issue one’s last week then you are gonna love this week!


John Constantine: Hellblazer – City Of Demons

You may or may not have heard, but we are currently celebrating 25 years of John Constantine! That’s right the wise cracking, utterly British and utterly badass anti-hero/demon ass kicker has been around for some time and to celebrate this Vertigo are publishing this stand-alone bi-weekly 5 issue mini series. Penned by Si Spencer and drawn by Sean Murphy (the dude killing it on Joe The Barbarian) it looks to be one hell of a return to form for Constantine who has seen his fair share of up’s and downs over the last few years (he’s getting married in the on-going series for Christ’s sake), but if you’re looking for some old school Constantine detective work, roaming the streets of London while battling forces of the occult, then this is going to be the book you wanna be reading. Oh and did someone mention something about John getting hit by a truck and some kind of out of body experiences… oh yeah, I think I heard a little something bout that…

Superior #1

Okay, okay I know what this looks like. Yet another Mark Millar creator owned series, but if the previews are anything to go by (and the sheer lack of hype surrounding the release which is … odd, considering it’s from the king of hype Millar himself) this is looking like the story has some genuine legs to it and has a bit more depth to it then a simple “oh this would be a good movie idea” mentality, something that put a lot of readers off of Nemesis. Still after a popular kid gets his world destroyed after developing multiple sclerosis, he escapes into the world of movies and comics… that is until Superior entered his life. That’s about all I can tell you. What I do know for sure however is that this looks like a fun, superhero book of old – kinda like Invincibles only written with Millar’s classic style of humour.

Strange Tales II #1/ Tomb of Terror #1

It’s a pretty quiet week on the Marvel front, which is why you should pick up both Strange Tales II #1 AND Tomb of Terror #1 this week for a change of superhero pace. Strange Tales II #1 sees Marvels illustrious anthology book return for another round of awesomeness. Who can resist the delightfully wonderful Indie writer take on some of Marvels most beloved characters in the first part of this over-sized issue trilogy? Besides, the cover is bloody awesome and worth the price of admission on it’s own and there’s more writers and artists on board then you can shake your indie stick at! Don’t forget about Tomb of Terror #1 either! This is Marvel’s return to the horror stories of old, before superheroes were all the rage. This one shot features, among other things, stories about Son of Satan, Jack Russell the werewolf by night and none-other then Man Thing! Is this gonna rock? Err yes I think it is! All black and white, oversized and in the style of the classic Marvel Mighty Magazine. Looks to be a lot of fun.

Knight & Squire #1

Fine Gotham might have Batman, well it’s soon to have more Batmen then it can count if the DC solicits are to be believed, but what about us over here in the UK? Are we supposed to go undefended? Hell no –well so says Paul Cornell (Captain Britain, Action Comics) who is writing this action packed Knight & Squire mini series. Essentially a British Batman and Robin, the story looks to be a lot of fun –especially as the first issue sees the duo trying to separate a bar fight. Not just any bar fight mind, after a magical seal stopping villains and heroes’ fighting within its walls fails, all hell breaks loose and these two need to try and fix it. Who knows who could be chilling in there? You wouldn’t want to knock a dudes drink over at the best of times, let alone when he could have the power to throw you into the sun. The previews are looking good, could be a nice change of pace from the RETURN and BRIGHTEST DAY stuff DC is publishing.

Graphic Novel

Sandman New Edition reprint TPB 1-3 (Preludes and Nocturnes, The Dolls House, Dream Country)

I recently had the pleasure of reading Neil Gaiman’s beyond epic Sandman series from start to finish and I must say that it accomplished things that I had not thought possible in a comic book. At the time I had some troubles, mainly to do with the inking or lettering on certain arcs, luckily DC has me covered. The long awaited reprints of the Sandman graphic novels are here, the first three anyway, which feature the improved colouring, printing and production values previously only found in the really expensive Absolute Edition.  My only concern would be whether or not the pages loose some of their magic and mysticism in the recolouring process, but Gaiman is assuring us this is only doing things they would have done at the time had the resources been available… If you haven’t read this series yet, now is the perfect opportunity.


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