CHAOS WAR #3 preview if anything, showcases Marvel’s wonderful ability to ruin every up-coming story through previews and solicits. So check this out at your own peril!

Chaos War is of course the “smaller scale” event book showcasing Hercules return to the Marvel U, bringing all the gods and heroes together to fight off against an ultimate enemy, the Chaos King. The first issue was pretty fun, written by Greg Pak and Fred Van Lente, was a cool blend of ball crushing action and some situational humour and fun one liners.

What interests me about this series so much is the thought of seeing Herc, Thor and the “god Squad” (you just can’t make this up) fighting along side one another trying to defeat the Chaos King, his army of undead superheroes and did someone mention something about a hero returning-from-being-ripped-in-half… Ares you crazy bastard, you just can’t keep a good god down!

Chuck Galactus into the mix and you know it’s gonna be a party! Can Herc you know… not fuck this up? Is this series going to be anything less then totally rad? Issue #1 shows good times ahead, it currently went to a second printing so if you haven’t picked it up yet you still got a chance! Check it












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