Oh Batman, why so serious? It’s something one of your arch nemesis tends to ask of you often, yet often enough you just don’t listen. Bruce you essentially are immortal, you die and oh guess what dude – your ass comes back to life cause you got shot by a gun that freezes you in time or something… anyway what I’m trying to say is, have you ever just taken some time to you know, just go out an enjoy yourself?

Colleen Coover (Small Favors, Girl Comics) agrees man, when have you ever just found a girl and gone out for ice cream. Spider-man can do it, he sleeps with Black Cat all the time… and well he probably couldn’t afford to buy ice cream on the count of his lack of job, but you’re bloody Bruce Wayne! You could afford anything you wanted! That’s why Colleen Coover has once again pulled it outta the bag on this wonderfully written and illustrated, “Unofficial, unsolicited, unsanctioned” Batman story.

Sure it isn’t licensed by DC but who gives a rats ass, it’s been “Done for fun, because comics,” and when you make an argument like that… well I find it hard to disagree.

DC get this woman in the next Wednesday Comics… or just let her go nuts with other characters in her own Strange Tales style book!

Enjoy – this is the tale of Batman, the guy who “hunts the night or whatever.”


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