Green Lantern is next in line from DC entertainment to get the Hollywood treatment. Ryan Rynold’s has already signed up and everything is well underway and on track for a summer 2011 blockbuster extravaganza.

While some early looks at the costume have been met with a mixed response, besides the director said it was still being worked on, all GL fans have been waiting eagerly for an image of the power battery from Oa, the device that holds all of The Green Lantern Light and power the space corps need to monitor and protect the galaxy and respective sectors.

Ok sure, it doesn’t look much like the classic lantern – but it’s clear that the director is going for a sci-fi look and feel for the adaption instead of the standard super-hero fare. We had already been given hints that this would be the case, Hal Jordan’s costume for example, will be materialising onto Rynolds in CGI when he powers up… again the costume takes a pretty radical departure from the iconic design from the comics.

The questions at the minute are whether or not the movie will take too big of a departure from the space/cosmic themed awesomeness that is Green Lantern, in it’s attempt to take a more grounded, sci-fi/matrix feel to the movie.

Still one thing I do know for certain: when Rynolds is there in costume, holding up the lantern, speaking the famous Green Lantern speech and powering up for the first time… it’s still gonna give me chills and it’s still gonna be fucking awesome.

We won’t have to wait much longer to see this in motion, an extended preview of GREEN LANTERN will be going out with Harry Potter and The Deadly Hallows next month!

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  1. dailypop says:

    Weird… looks like DC is going the Guyver route for the Green Lantern film.

    • origamikid says:

      I’m almost willing to put money down on what will happen at the start of the movie.

      Of course Hal will be set up as a down on his luck pilot and then on the anniversary of his fathers death he will be wandering around the airfield where he died when, out of nowhere, an alien ship will come crashing down…

      Hal will touch the Lantern, and then green liquid thing will stick to his skin (kinda like the mirror in Matrix) and go all over his body and transform him into…


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