Hellblazer is hitting up 25 years of publication this fall, quite the achievement right? Who would have thought the wise-ass, smoking and drinking, occult specialist, amateur magician and overall British icon would have stood the test of time when Moore introduced him into Swamp Thing #37 back in  June of 85. Well here he is, unlike most other characters in the DC universe however, time has not been good to Mr Constantine… in fact he has been allowed to age over time.

The Constantine we were keeping our gaze on, the guy who’s tricked his way out of death, cancer and a whole host of madness time and time again, may be fading away- but there are still somethings in life he hasn’t experienced. After you’ve loved and lost what is left to do? Well get married I suppose!

That’s right, as of issue #275 of HELLBLAZER: JOHN CONSTANTINE, an oversized wedding anniversary issue, our occult anti-hero will be tying the knot to his on-off love interest Epiphany Greaves, the badass alchemist herself.

While plenty of things have gotten in the way of the marriage so far, Constantine has had some doubts and well… starting October 20th (this week) with #272, Epiphany Greaves is being sent back to 1979 by a rather jealous “SHADE -The Changing Man”…that’s sure to put a strain on any new relationship.

Can they make it through this? Read issue #272 (Written by, Peter Milligan and Art by, Giuseppe Camuncoli, Simon Bisley and Stefano Landini) this week and then #275 this January to find out whether there will be a new Mrs. Constantine and check the front cover and official PR below for some more info.

“Many things have conspired to stop John Constantine from getting married; not least of which is Constantine himself. But this time it’s different—this time it’s alchemy babe Epiphany Greaves. But even as the church fills and the blushing bridegroom slips a carnation into his buttonhole, thing can go horribly wrong, as uninvited guests threaten to ruin the wedding of the year.”


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