Speculation has been going on for months regarding Peter Parker, A.K.A the friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man, and his new job. While we all assumed (ok well I did) it would be at the Baxter Building with the Fantastic Three, this latest trailer showing off Dan Slott’s upcoming run in Amazing Spider-Man entitled “BIG TIME”, shows us what Parker really has in store for the next few months.

Check the trailer, PR talk and the first few pages below!

So what do we all think? I for one am excited, Peter has a stable girlfriend in Carlie Cooper and not only that he is working at Horizon Labs… Spider-Man with a regular paycheck? He is developing a new costume (that’s the sick Black/Green thing we have seen posted online since July) and brand new web fluid! Looks like he is gonna need it as well, what with his old pal Carnage back on the scene… oh wait did I just see the Kingpin? That’s right, Dan Slott is bringing him back to Spidey!


There also seems to be a new Hobgoblin in town, exciting times. It will be nice to see Peter/Spidey have some good luck for a change, after the exhaustingly awesome Gauntlet/Grim Hunt fiasco now over and with Peter unable to work as a photographer after photoshopping a photo to save JJJ (I know…who would have thought it) it will be nice to see some drama unfold that isn’t about him not being able to pay the rent.

Make sure you check out this now-twice-a-month book, Dan Slott is going to write the hell out of it!

“This is the biggest change in Peter Parker’s life in years and it’s all happening in AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #648, from the new ongoing creative team of Dan Slott and Humberto Ramos! Spidey’s new status quo starts right here in a story so big we needed a double-sized first issue and a twice-monthly series to tell it! Peter Parker’s life has reached a crucial turning point, and nothing will ever be the same! New job! New costume! New girlfriend! New Spider-Girl! Big Time is so big that we had to bring The Sinister Six, The Avengers, The Fantastic Four, Mary Jane, Flash Thompson and the all new, all different Spider-Girl together this November, only in AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #648!AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #648 (SEP100569)

Written by DAN SLOTT
Pencils and Cover by HUMBERTO RAMOS
Rated A…$3.99
FOC – 10/14/10, On-Sale – 11/10/10″





















  1. dailypop says:

    It’s about time someone remembered that Parker is a scientific genius. I’m VERY excited about the Dan Slott run on this series.

    • origamikid says:

      Me two – It really has been shunned over last few years. I’ll be honest and say that I have no idea who or what Horizon Labs is or run by. The back of my mind tells me that it’s either ,

      Something to do with the Avengers (which would make sense as where else is going to hire him knowing his unreliability) or some kind of front for TRI-CORP or another evil corporation. I hope it’s the former, as said with Slott taking this in a new direction it would be kinda nice just to see a new take on developing Parkers character

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