Stan Lee is back on the comics scene and let’s make one thing perfectly clear – that is fucking awesome!

Sadly he isn’t writing any of these new books, but he has created a host of new characters (three to be exact) for BOOM! Studios. The first to launch is SOLDIER ZERO which Stan himself describes as, “Soldier Zero is a living alien weapon, and he is fused with an astronomer from Earth and he quickly learns how to survive by being hunted by both worlds!”

It sounds like a fun book for sure, written by the awesome Paul Cornell (Action Comics, Knight & Squire) and launching this week on October 20th. It’s a brand new on-going series and who can complain when you have two brilliant creators working on a book? Throw in Javiar Pina (Strangers, Batman) on art and we could be onto the first of a trilogy of winners from BOOM! Studios. The other two books, The Traveller (written by Mark Waid) is due to launch later this year and Starborn (Written by Chris Roberson) is looking for an early 2011 launch… good times ahead, now here is a preview of Soldier Zero!

Half Human. Half Alien. All Weapon. When an alien parasite falls to Earth, wheelchair-bound college student Stewart Travers becomes infected, and goes through super-human changes that no mortal could imagine. Forced into a galactic war that’s chosen Earth as the battlefield, Stewart defends the front line as…SOLDIER ZERO!

Written by Paul Cornell
Drawn by Javier Pina
SC, 32 pgs, FC, SRP: $3.99












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