A pretty massive week of comics to be found as we hit the middle of October, i’m not complaining mind – but the strength of titles coming out from Vertigo and Image is getting crazy! Right so let’s check it – here are the titles you should be checking out this week!


Kick Ass 2 #1

Oh. Wow. Mark Millar for the second week in a row? Well what can I say; I’m a sucker for Kick Ass. This is bound to be a sure fire hit, what with the gigantic success of the movie this summer just gone and the fact that with this comic still lingering in the publics view this is potentially the biggest comic book release of the year… for the mainstream at the very least. Millar’s recent output has been disappointing to say the least, but hopefully all will change with Kick Ass, the previews have shown good things so I am staying cautiously optimistic… now is the time to jump onto the series, don’t say I didn’t warn you when 6 months down the line issue one and two have sold out completely and issue three is on the way (I joke maybe this will actually come out on time).


Soldier Zero #1

Stan Lee is back to comics, with Paul Cornell writing the damn thing no less! When an Alien crashes down to Earth and transfers his powers to a wheelchair bound Stewart Trauttmann everything changes, not all for the better of course – otherwise what type of comic would we be reading? A pretty boring one, thankfully Cornell is writing up a storm. Expect nothing less then an action packed superhero blockbuster, with Earth becoming a battlefield for galactic war what else can Stewart do but get on the frontline as SOLDIER ZERO! It looks like it’s going to be a lot of fun, Cornell has been writing really fun and engaging stuff over on Action Comics and who can dispute a book when Stan Lee turns up and creates heroes and villains? Only a fool wouldn’t pick this up.


Vertigo Resurrected #1

The first issue of Vertigo Resurrected hits this week. What is it exactly? Well Vertigo have dug up some of their best unpublished, banned, out of print and otherwise awesome stories that have gone missing from memory and are publishing them in this 100 page book! This is the first of many to come and the most exciting draw is undoubtedly the previously banned Warren Ellis Hellblazer: John Constantine story “Shoot”. Dealing with school shootings it happened to be coming out around about the time of the Columbine shootings so was held back causing Ellis to quit…now so many years later we get to see what all the fuss was about! At the very least this will be a Hellblazer story from a time when the character was still as edgy as he was brilliant… bound to be a great read. On top of that stories from Brian Azzarello, Grant  Morrison, Garth Ennis, Bill Willingham and more it could be the best thing Vertigo have published all year.


The Walking Dead #78

After the shocking end to last months #77 and the No Way Out teasers coming out thick and fast all I can say is that I am really stoked for this up-coming arc. Kirkman has done a wonderful job on the current arc and as this really starts to kick up a gear I honestly think this could be the best work on the series since the prison saga from oh so long ago. As everything prepares to explode into madness now is a perfect time to stop reading the trades and jump onto this as singles (or digitally seeing as it’s same day release).. you really wont regret it!


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