Tomorrow is brand a new day. A brand new month and the final signal of what is, very quickly approaching, to be our final year of university. It is with this rather terrifying thought that pushes me to jumping into action as soon as possible, as such here is what I have resolved to do: … Continue reading

High Voltage Magazine First Announcement

It has been a long time coming, I know – for that reason I apologise. However I am back with this announcement. A new name. Different bands and a projection that sees this dream realised 100% before the end of 2010, more likely hitting by September (money permitting). So what’s new? The name is probably … Continue reading

It’s been a while – So here is a general update!

Hey everyone, it has been a long while since the last general update and as I am such a nice guy I thought, “fuck it” let’s give the people what they want…unless the thing you want is my fanzine, then …well you have to wait a little longer. Thats right, if all had gone to … Continue reading

This week – A look ahead to another week

This week. This week. This week. The idea is that if i repeat it enough then maybe, JUST MAYBE – it will be a proactive and productive week. I have so much I want to do, in such a small amount of time and finding the enthusiasm is about as likely as finding a vagina … Continue reading

Fistful of Metal Magazine Announcement

The road to Fistful Of Metal ‘zine release- Week One: The initial announcement! So finally it has come to the day where I can not delay any further, I am making the initial announcement for my fanzine. This has been a long time coming, I honestly feel a bit nervous of laying everything out in … Continue reading

Hey guess what?

Well I bloody fail don’t I! So I am all set to release blogs every day and guess what happens? ULTIMATE – DISTRACTION from 2 of my housemates-to-be. I had a half written blog post and instead of finishing it off what did I do? I spent the night being insulted, insulting others, talking in … Continue reading

Hows about an update before we get into the good stuff

I have quite alot to share with you readers. I have to go up within the next 24 (or so) hours a post taking a look at Battlefield Bad Company 2, Heavy Rain, Aliens Vs Predator as well as some video game related projects that I now have in the works. Bioshock 2 gets released … Continue reading

Second Interview of the year confirmed!

Right off of the back of my interview with Brian Tatler (Diamond Head) getting confirmed is this rather wonderful news. I shall be interviewing a band I am very fond of, I saw them support Megadeth at the ‘Astoria’ (R.I.P) a few years back… they had a brilliant first album, they had a song on … Continue reading

First Interview of the year Confirmed!

On Saturday the 23rd I sent my first interview request of the year out – Today I received a reply, from the man HIMSELF! Brian Tatler, of Diamond Head fame. He was the co-founder and has been guitarist since Diamond Head’s inception in 1976, regardless of what you think of them today the influence they … Continue reading

Oh-Ten? Twenty Ten? Two Thousand and Ten? 2010? Who gives a fuck?

Well its the first proper post of 2010, sorry it has been so late, I hath been very distracted. What have I been up to? Not a huge amount – University has started (great results as well!), Comics have kicked off in a big way (Siege is underway god dam it!) and Video games are … Continue reading

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