Do We Have Our AVENGERS Villain?

Some big news has emerged out of SDCC regarding the potential AVENGERS villain. So far Whedon has been tight lipped so far on who will have the strength to take on Earths mightiest Hero’s, and for a while we have thought they would either use the HULK to re-create the ULTIMATES story or just have … Continue reading

HULK Comics Getting Back On Track?

First thing you need to know? Leob is out. Yes you can cheer. Hopefully the news will quickly follow the Ultimate comics, New Ultimates, ultimate, ultimate’s ultimate 2 has been cancelled as well… but as it stands Jeff Leob (the once comic book writer mastermind responsible for some of the best Batman stories of all … Continue reading


… and it looks fucking badass! That’s right folks, last night at SDCC The Walking Dead was shown off for the first time, the trailer below is the one shown off to audience… it also apparently “cut” for a family centric convention. Well if this is family safe then I can’t bloody wait to see … Continue reading

MARK RUFFALO Cast As Hulk For AVENGERS Movie Ahead Of Marvels Movie Panels

Just a little update that has slipped out over the last few hours – It seems he has been doing some late night deal making with Marvel and is looking ready to strut out onto the Marvel movie panel later today, fully knowing that he will be playing Bruce Banner in the up-coming 2012 Avengers … Continue reading

Judge Dredd Finally Been Cast?

Has Judge Dredd finally been cast? Well it looks that way! With Sly Stallone no where in sight, this new adaption of the fucking badass UK comic book is right around the corner and it looks like we finally have our Judge, Jury and Executioner. Karl Urban is apparently set to take the badge, lawbringer … Continue reading

World War Z Adaption Gets A Little Bit Bigger

What a way to jump start some real promotion for your movie. Max Brooks today confirmed that none other than Brad Pitt would be starring in the adaption of the awesome zombie book ‘World War Z’. The movie is finally on track for a 2012 release date, while we know little about the adaption – … Continue reading


I hope you have a sick bag near by otherwise you will be rather promptly covering your floor in confusion and hate induced vomit. Microsoft’s KINECT, the product they are using to round up the casual gamers into the Xbox 360 pen, is going to cost $150 they today confirmed. The price for the UK … Continue reading

High Voltage Magazine First Announcement

It has been a long time coming, I know – for that reason I apologise. However I am back with this announcement. A new name. Different bands and a projection that sees this dream realised 100% before the end of 2010, more likely hitting by September (money permitting). So what’s new? The name is probably … Continue reading

Xbox 360 Slim is coming… NOW! Pictures/Release Date/Info/Price!

So as predicted the Xbox 360 Slim/redesign, or whatever you want to call it (I am going for slim because it is less letters!) has been unveiled at E3 and well… It isn’t as drastic as when the Ps3 slimmed down…nor does it look half as good but still it is here! So we are … Continue reading

E3: Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood – Release Date/Trailer

Ubisoft have laid down a release date for Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood today. The game which, from what we can tell, isn’t a direct sequel to Assassin’s Creed 2, is infact a continuation of the story. Instead of simply putting the continuation of the story out as DLC however, Ubisoft have seen that it is in … Continue reading

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