High Voltage Magazine First Announcement

It has been a long time coming, I know – for that reason I apologise. However I am back with this announcement. A new name. Different bands and a projection that sees this dream realised 100% before the end of 2010, more likely hitting by September (money permitting). So what’s new? The name is probably … Continue reading

This week – A look ahead to another week

This week. This week. This week. The idea is that if i repeat it enough then maybe, JUST MAYBE – it will be a proactive and productive week. I have so much I want to do, in such a small amount of time and finding the enthusiasm is about as likely as finding a vagina … Continue reading

Fistful of Metal Magazine Announcement

The road to Fistful Of Metal ‘zine release- Week One: The initial announcement! So finally it has come to the day where I can not delay any further, I am making the initial announcement for my fanzine. This has been a long time coming, I honestly feel a bit nervous of laying everything out in … Continue reading

Hey guess what?

Well I bloody fail don’t I! So I am all set to release blogs every day and guess what happens? ULTIMATE – DISTRACTION from 2 of my housemates-to-be. I had a half written blog post and instead of finishing it off what did I do? I spent the night being insulted, insulting others, talking in … Continue reading

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