story JOHN LAYMAN art & cover ROB GUILLORY Size: 32 Pages Price: $2.99 What can be said about Chew at this point that hasn’t already been said by anyone with half a working brain? This is easily still one of the best comics to hit the stands; it’s hard to believe this series has been … Continue reading


Written by Ed Brubaker Art by Mike Deodato Covers by Marko Djurdjevic and Mike Deodato Size: 32 Pages Price: $3.99 It’s been no secret that I have been fairly critical of Secret Avengers, something that has surprised me considering my love of Brubakers work, however as the first arc reaches what looks like its conclusion, … Continue reading


Iron Maiden – The Final Frontier Released: August 16th Tracklisting: 01. Satellite 15….The Final Frontier 02. El Dorado 03. Mother Of Mercy 04. Coming Home 05. The Alchemist 06. Isle Of Avalon 07. Starblind 08. The Talisman 09. The Man Who Would Be King 10. When The Wild Wind Blows Reviewing Iron Maiden is always … Continue reading


WRITER: ANDY DIGGLE & ANTONY JOHNSTON PENCILS: ROBERTO DE LA TORRE Size: 40 Pages Price: $2.99 Andy Diggle has had a troublesome time during his tenure on Daredevil, while it started out fairly strongly he has struggled when trying to tie in all the elements of his Shadowland mini-event… Shadowland hasn’t really gotten off to … Continue reading


WRITER: MARK MILLAR PENCILS: STEVE DILLON Size: 32 Pages Price: $3.99 I feel like a bit of a fool. I had been looking forward to this for some time, I have been nothing but impressed by Millar’s return to the Ultimate universe and on the whole, his two Avengers arcs have been some of the … Continue reading


WRITER: DAN ABNETT & ANDY LANNING PENCILS: ALEKSI BRICLOT & MIGUEL ANGEL SEPULVEDA Size: 32 Pages Price: $3.99 I went into this cosmic event with a bit of restraint. My faith in Marvel being able to pull off a battle in the stars was jaded at best, especially after just getting into Green Lantern and … Continue reading


Written by GABRIEL BÁ and FÁBIO MOON Art by GABRIEL BÁ and FÁBIO MOON Cover by GABRIEL BÁ Size: 32 Pages Price: $2.99 Daytripper issue 9 is quite possibly the first issue of the series that I have truly enjoyed and connected with. With the series reaching it’s climax within the next month the stories … Continue reading


WRITER: DANIEL WAY PENCILS: STEPHEN SEGOVIA Size: 32 Pages Price: $2.99 Thank some sort of comic book God (I’m looking at you Gerry Conway) that this atrocity has come to a grinding halt; Dark Wolverine is finally ceasing as of #90 but whoever let Way and Liu loose on writing Wolverine for so long deserves … Continue reading


STEVE ROGERS: SUPER-SOLDIER #2 WRITER: ED BRUBAKER PENCILS: DALE EAGLESHAM Size: 32 Pages Price: $3.99 What it must be like for Ed Brubaker to wake the morning after handing in the script for Super Soldier #2 knowing full well that he has just schooled every other writer in the industry. Brubaker has once again shown … Continue reading


Hey, cheers for coming to the site. Here are the reviews for the week of 29th July 2010 – If you are from the USA please keep in mind that comics come out on a thursday here in the UK! As it stands I would be reviewing a massive amount of books each week due … Continue reading

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