story JOHN LAYMAN art & cover ROB GUILLORY Size: 32 Pages Price: $2.99 What can be said about Chew at this point that hasn’t already been said by anyone with half a working brain? This is easily still one of the best comics to hit the stands; it’s hard to believe this series has been … Continue reading


Written by Ed Brubaker Art by Mike Deodato Covers by Marko Djurdjevic and Mike Deodato Size: 32 Pages Price: $3.99 It’s been no secret that I have been fairly critical of Secret Avengers, something that has surprised me considering my love of Brubakers work, however as the first arc reaches what looks like its conclusion, … Continue reading


WRITER: JASON AARON PENCILS: DAVIDE GIANFELICE COVER BY: RON GARNEY Size: 32 Pages Price: $3.99 Wolverine Weapon X #16 is important for a couple of reasons. The first is that this sees an end to Jason Aarons sublime Weapon X run, the second and more striking reason; this deals with the aftermath of Nightcrawler dying … Continue reading


WRITER: ANDY DIGGLE & ANTONY JOHNSTON PENCILS: ROBERTO DE LA TORRE Size: 40 Pages Price: $2.99 Andy Diggle has had a troublesome time during his tenure on Daredevil, while it started out fairly strongly he has struggled when trying to tie in all the elements of his Shadowland mini-event… Shadowland hasn’t really gotten off to … Continue reading


WRITER: MARK MILLAR PENCILS: STEVE DILLON Size: 32 Pages Price: $3.99 I feel like a bit of a fool. I had been looking forward to this for some time, I have been nothing but impressed by Millar’s return to the Ultimate universe and on the whole, his two Avengers arcs have been some of the … Continue reading


WRITER: DAN ABNETT & ANDY LANNING PENCILS: ALEKSI BRICLOT & MIGUEL ANGEL SEPULVEDA Size: 32 Pages Price: $3.99 I went into this cosmic event with a bit of restraint. My faith in Marvel being able to pull off a battle in the stars was jaded at best, especially after just getting into Green Lantern and … Continue reading


Written by GABRIEL BÁ and FÁBIO MOON Art by GABRIEL BÁ and FÁBIO MOON Cover by GABRIEL BÁ Size: 32 Pages Price: $2.99 Daytripper issue 9 is quite possibly the first issue of the series that I have truly enjoyed and connected with. With the series reaching it’s climax within the next month the stories … Continue reading


WRITER: DANIEL WAY PENCILS: STEPHEN SEGOVIA Size: 32 Pages Price: $2.99 Thank some sort of comic book God (I’m looking at you Gerry Conway) that this atrocity has come to a grinding halt; Dark Wolverine is finally ceasing as of #90 but whoever let Way and Liu loose on writing Wolverine for so long deserves … Continue reading


STEVE ROGERS: SUPER-SOLDIER #2 WRITER: ED BRUBAKER PENCILS: DALE EAGLESHAM Size: 32 Pages Price: $3.99 What it must be like for Ed Brubaker to wake the morning after handing in the script for Super Soldier #2 knowing full well that he has just schooled every other writer in the industry. Brubaker has once again shown … Continue reading


ULTIMATE COMICS AVENGERS 2 #6 REVIEW WRITER: MARK MILLAR PENCILS: LEINIL FRANCIS YU As Ultimate Avengers 2 issue #6 wraps up, the maestro of the summer blockbuster action movie microed down to comic book size, Mr Mark Millar, ends another wonderfully entertaining arc which saw both Frank Castle/The Punisher and Johnny Blaze/Ghost Rider finally introduced … Continue reading

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